Ginger beer scones

Ginger scones

Another stupendous recipe care of Dan Lepard in the Weekend Guardian. Recipe here.

I wouldn’t call myself a scone connoisseur, but I’ve certainly been making them most of my life. I’ve always been something of a purist with scones – 98% of the time I’ll make plain scones. No sultanas or any of that stuff. Occasionally savoury ones with cheese.

But I do like ginger, I love ginger beer, and I had some crystallized ginger in the cupboard. Dan Lepard does credit this recipe (or at least one using lemonade) to Marilyn and Gary Barker’s Patchwork Teahouse, “set deep in Melbourne’s Dandenong Ranges”. Never been myself, but thanks to Marilyn and Gary, and thanks to Dan for passing it along, with his ginger beer variation.

They don’t use any butter – you just mix your crystallized ginger and beer with crème fraîche and egg then blend that into the flours. Easy peasy.

Made these on Friday, with my in-laws arriving. They’ve from Devon, home of the scone, but seemed very happy with this variation. And luckily, entirely unbidden, they arrived with a large pot of clotted cream, making the whole experience even more delectable.

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