A shortbread recipe

Bread of a short persuasion

Got an urge to make shortbread. Or maybe it was just wanting to do some stock rotation and use up stuff in the cupboard I had a surplus of – in this case icing sugar. So I looked around for shortbread recipes that used icing sugar. Found one that also used cornflour, which was handy, as I had some cornflour I wanted to use up too.

This was also an opportunity to try out our new food processor, with its impressively irritating safety measures. Thanks Moulinex 8000 for the really unhelpful locking requirements. They don’t help the flow of food production, even if they do stop daft or absent-minded people from chopping off their fingertips.

Anyway. Recipe. The cornflour and icing sugar make for a very soft biscuit that melts in the mouth. If you want a shortbread with more of a solid crunch, use a recipe with caster sugar (200g, 200g butter, 300g plain flour typically).

225g plain flour
100g cornflour
100g icing sugar
225g butter

Preheat oven 180C.

Sieve together the dry ingredients.
Cube the butter.
Do the biz in a food processor until it starts to clump. (Alternatively, crumb the butter into the dry mix.)
Pull it together into a dough, then roll out.
Don’t handle it too much.
Roll out to more to around 12-15mm, then cut as you like – with a round cutter, or into fingers.

Bake 15-20 minutes.
Cool on wire rack.

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